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Céad Míle Fáilte!

(A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!)

This is the home of the R-A259 Uí Briúin Connachta genetic genealogy project. We are a dedicated group of people interested in the heritage of R-A259+ men, who we believe are the descendants of the medieval Irish Uí Briúin Connachta dynasty. The Uí Briúin are the descendants of Brión mac Echach Mugmedóin. Eochaid Mugmedón was a legendary High King of Ireland circa 360 A.D. and the putative father of Niall of the Nine Hostages, as well as Brión. Brión was one of the elder half-brothers of Niall from Eochaid Mugmedón’s first wife Mongfind. For more history of the Uí Briúin Connachta please see the Wikipedia article.

We solicit the participation of all R-A259+ men, as well as anyone who is interested in our research, and invite you to join our activities in our Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) home project, Sons Of Aodh; or in our Facebook Group. We are using modern surnames and Y-DNA SNP and STR test results to attempt to fit what the science of genetics reveals into the rich heritage of the traditional Uí Briúin Connachta genealogies. Through our efforts, we are constantly expanding the R-A259 SNP Tree and STR Signature as our genetic testing data and knowledge grow. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you in our discussions and genetic testing activities.

In Memoriam

We present the following roll call to honor our fallen pioneers.

  • Orville Douglas Clarida, - A. D.
  • Phillip Dean McDaniel, - A. D.
  • Robert Warren McDaniel, - A. D.
  • Dan Francis Murphy, Sr., - A. D.
  • Lawrence Michael Murray, - A. D.

All data used on this website is taken from public sources and is used under the USA fair use legal doctrine which allows the use of publicly released information for research and scholarship purposes, regardless of copyright, and especially if the usage is transformative, which our usage is.